A case for a new station has not been laid out to the public. If a case can be made that the beach district needs a new fire and rescue facility, the city commission should submit a bond issue for voter approval.

The commission can always count on Deerfield Beach residents to support sensible projects, especially when they involve public safety concerns.

The bond issue should not be tied to the parking lot question, however. It is noteworthy that a new fire station was also held out as a carrot in the 1998 Lepine proposal as if a need for a new station was a given.

The commission had a recent opportunity to incor-
porate a new beach station in a bond election, but passed. This suggests that the fire station is a bogus issue.

Do we really need more parking at the beach?
What happened to honor?

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Beach Fire Station and Lifeguard HQ

Water Feature

The proposed "plaza" will incorporate a "water feature" -- an interactive water fountain sponsored by a local civic organization. Are the proponents of this plan aware that we already have a "water feature" at the beach?

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