William Bucknam, attorney for David Eller, principal spokesman for the pro-referendum group, has registered the "Save Our Beach" committee as a PAC. "Save Our Beach" was the name of the grassroots organization that advanced the 1998 referendum, which amended the city charter and required voter approval of deals involving valuable public lands.

By so doing, Attorney Bucknam has effectively precluded the original group, which still exists and opposes the present referendum, from using this name. While we don't think the people of Deerfield Beach are really so stupid as to be confused by this ploy, we do believe that this was the intent.

This may be legal. But this is shabby politics.

Mr. Eller should direct Attorney Bucknam to relinquish the "Save Our Beach" name. He should publicly repudiate this tactic, which only serves to degrade further the politics of development in Deerfield Beach.

We believe this would be an honorable course.

Do we really need more parking at the beach?
Do we need a new fire station?

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...that this Web site contains no personal attacks on anybody.

It has been written that the (original) Save Our Beach organization is a small vocal group that is tied to a former mayor of Deerfield Beach... meaning Jean Robb... meaning it's somehow bogus.

We don't know what the relationship is between the SOB group and Jean Robb. We do not know Jean Robb. But we know that the SOBs are good citizens who care about their city and want to preserve a great beach.

People disagree. That's why it's called political debate!

Let's talk facts and keep the personal stuff out of the public discussion.

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