Places, Events and Traditions of Deerfield Beach, Florida
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::::THE TREE ZOO ::::

Need a respite from the Deerfield politics zoo or the global politics zoo? Visit the Tree Zoo, officially known as the Deerfield Beach Arboretum at Constitution Park.

This is the cypress pond at the Deerfield Beach Arboretum. The arboretum contains a collection of exotic trees and plants from around the world, as well as many varieties native to Florida.

The arboretum is a fine place to take a quiet stroll along winding paths, eat a picnic lunch, or just meditate. There's a butterfly garden and a wetlands exhibit, which is an educational project designed to assist the community in learning about the ecology of Deerfield before it was settled and developed.

For more information about the Tree Zoo visit the Deerfield Beach Arboretum web site at

::::THE PIER ::::

Lots of people think Deerfield's Beach is one of the best in South Florida. We've visited just about all the beaches on the east coast south of Cape Canaveral, and many on the west coast of Florida, and we agree that this is a great beach. One of the nicest features of this beach is the Deerfield Beach International Pier.

The original pier was built in the mid-70's and was visited by President Ford on February 28th, 1976. That pier fell down, almost literally, and was replaced by the present 920 foot structure a few years ago.

The International Pier is open 24/7 most of the time and is a great place to walk, or just sit and relax, or, like this young man, to catch the big one. Bring your own equipment or rent it at the bait house. There is also a restaurant at the entrance to the pier that offers burgers and seafood. There is a parking lot for pier visitors.

The gazebo at the end of the pier met an unfortunate fate when holiday decorations set it afire Christmas 2000. Firefighters had to bring fire hoses all the way from shore to put out the early morning blaze. Beach lifeguards were called in to rescue firefighters in case they crashed through the burning pier with their heavy equipment. The good part of the story is that no one fell through the deck and so far as we know, no one was hurt in the blaze. This is a picture of the new gazebo.

You get a great view of the beach from the pier. This view is the central beach, a battleground because of beach front development plans that would include a parking garage and commercial properties.

Many residents and beach regulars oppose plans for additional commercialization at the beach and wonder why anyone would want to ruin this view with more large buildings to cast shadows over the sand.


Here is a case of something that is not new, but still functional and worth preserving, that has actually been saved from the wrecker's ball. Restoration of the historic Deerfield train station was completed in 2000.

The old Seaboard Airlines Railroad station on West Hillsboro Boulevard was built in 1926. Designed by Gustave Maas, the building is a good example of Mediterranean Revival style architecture that was popular in South Florida during the Roaring '20s.

Better still, the railroad station in Deerfield is not only an historical preservation but also a working station. Both AMTRAK and Tri-Rail trains stop here. It also houses a model railroad exhibit maintained by the South Florida Railway Museum that's definitely worth a visit by any railroad buff.

::::BOAT RACES 2001::::

The Super Boat Grand Prix, sponsored by Super Boat International, had almost become an annual July event off Deerfield Beach. This is one of seven races that comprise the International Super Boat Racing Series, which culminated in a World Championship meet in Key West in November.


The 2003, the championship races will be held in Deerfield Beach. The event is scheduled for November 2d through the 9th. More information can be found on the Super Boat International web site.

::::BOAT PARADES 2001::::

Deerfield's Intracoastal Waterway is the site of two holiday boat parades, one that starts in Boca Raton and the other that begins in Pompano Beach.

The top picture is the winner of the Pompano Beach event, entered by Advanced Roofing, which honored the firefighters at Ground Zero.

The Boca parade, which was held December 8th, always starts with a fireworks display (right) off the lead boat as it wends its way south along the Intracoastal towards Deerfield Beach.

One of the most popular boats in both the Pompano and Boca parades is the tin soldiers (above).

Patriotic themes were prevalent in the parades this year in the wake of September 11th, as you can see from the boat on the left.

For those not familiar with these events, boat parades are a long standing Christmas time tradition in a number of Florida coastal cities. Deerfield is quite lucky to have two parades visit the city just before Christmas.

On the next page of this site, another Deerfield Beach tradition, Founders' Day.

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