Places, Events and Traditions of Deerfield Beach, Florida
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:::: FOUNDERS' DAYS ::::

Set up a carnival on the Main Beach Parking Lot. Sell beer, soda, corn dogs and pizza along Ocean Way. Have a car show... or a Hog Show as was the case in 2002. Block off A1A and U.S. 1 for a couple of hours to the utter joy of a few thousand motorists in a hurry to get somewhere to make way for the world's hokiest parade. Have a fireworks show off the pier. And that's pretty much what the annual Founders' Days celebration in Deerfield Beach is all about.

Those who had the nerve could ride on one of these contraptions (right), or they could ride the "YoYo" pictured above. For the less adventurous, like us, the old fashioned ferris wheel gave riders a splendid overview of the city and carnival at night (below).

What patriotic American wouldn't want to get a hot dog at Wayno's Weinner Wagon? And hey, if you're named Wayno, you can spell weinner anyway you want.

Food vendors supplied all kinds of food fare along the beach front ranging from Italian sausage to conch fritters, a South Florida tradition, to beer and soul food. Other vendors' tents formed a bazaar which stretched for three blocks along the beach road.

:::: THE PARADE ::::

The parade is a Saturday morning tradition in the Founders' Days celebration. Founders' Days was originally called "Cracker Day" and was held to honor the early settlers of Deerfield Beach.

Pipers above, cops, horses and ponies, below.

:::: FIREWORKS ::::

Saturday's Founders' Days events end with a fireworks show off the pier.

People typically come from miles around to view the spectacular fireworks shows on Deerfield Beach. One recent Fourth of July show attracted an estimated 80,000 spectators.

Our young friends, Mike and Jason, came up from the Miami just in time for the Founders' Days fireworks show.

:::: SHOWS ::::

The four-day long Founders' Days celebration included live performances by local musical acts.

Sunday night's show was headlined by the Pamala Stanley Band, a well-known jazz-blues group.


Throw a parade and the politicians show up. There's the mayor in his red Porsche.

:::: 2004 ::::

The Founders' Days tradition goes on in February, 2004, from the 12th through the 15th.

For more information check out the Founders' Day web site.

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