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Jeff Sayles
About Deerfield Beach USA

Who writes Deerfield Beach USA?
Jeff Sayles, a resident of Deerfield Beach since 1985. Jeff is a graduate of Northeast Louisiana State College (B.A.) and Tulane University (J.D.). He completed post-graduate studies in military law at the Judge Advocate General's School which is located on the University of Virginia campus. He is admitted to the Georgia Bar; the U.S. District Court, North District of Georgia; military courts; and the U.S. Supreme Court. He served as a judge advocate in the U.S. Army. Since his military service, Jeff has been in private practice and business. Jeff started writing this website in 2000.

What is this website about?
This website is about politics and public ethics in Deerfield Beach with an occasional foray into another area. Jeff writes about the impact of construction on the beach area and the use of public lands near the beach for private development. This site outlines the need for an ethical framework for the city administration and ways to restore open government and civic values to city operations.

How is this website accessed?
By typing in or in the address bar on your browser.

Who owns this website?
Jeff. The site is not affiliated with any other person or group. It is not affiliated with the Original Save Our Beach.

Will Jeff accept money to support the website?

If I write Jeff an e-mail, will he respond?
If you're nice. Please see Contact Information.

Can I link this site to my own site?
Sure, for non-commercial purposes. Additional information on the use of this site is contained on the terms of use page.

Can I reproduce articles from this website on my own website, blog, or printed publication?
Jeff has a liberal policy for allowing use of articles on this website. But: Please ask first.