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A Pier for the People - 02/14/10

These are the concepts presented by Garcia Stromberg, architects for the new pier entrance buildings.

The overall project, which is scheduled to begin construction in November 2010, encompasses the pier restaurant, the restrooms, and the bait shop.

Instead of Key West or Mizner style (ugh!), which characterizes much of the new construction in South Florida, the project architect, Steve Edwards, let his inspiration be historic architecture in and around Deerfield Beach itself. The two unique features of the proposed design are: the pier view from the street will be open, as clearly seen in the first two images, and the north-south walkway will go right through the complex rather than around the front as it does now. Also, the pier facilities (bait shop) will be moved to the south side of the pier and will include an office, enclosed space for ice machines and storage, and an observation tower for use by law enforcement and ocean rescue.

The rest rooms will be ADA compliant. There will be restrooms in the restaurant, on the second floor deck, and outside for beach users. The second floor deck and the deck outside the restaurant, incidentally, will be available to everyone, not just restaurant patrons.

The pier entrance as it now looks from the street side:

The pier entrance as it will look from the street side:

The view from the beach:

The observation tower:

Aerial view looking east:

This schematic shows the relative locations of the entrance buildings in the concept. The bait shop and beach restrooms are located on the south side of pier:

Aerial view from ocean side:

All of the above images are from the City of Deerfield Beach website. More project details are available there.

On a different note, the pier entrance project as it has progressed so far could serve as the prototype of how the public should be engaged in future development plans for the city at every step, especially those at the beach involving city property, and how such plans should serve the citizens first, and not special interests. I am happy to say, this is a great plan, and the city and the architects are to be commended.


Residents who have been around awhile know that this project has an important historical context. I wrote about it in this 2004 article. The article also discusses another project of renewed interest, the politics behind the "realignment" of A1A.